Simplicity VoIP v41 Upgrade Goes Live

On September 30, 2020 Simplicity's v41 software upgrade was released to existing and new clients.

The v41 upgrade was designed with three crucial components: improved efficiency, improved security, and improved collaboration - and most are for no additional cost! 

The new updated v41 features are convenient to use and are seamlessly accessible through the Simplicity client portal and applications, including the webphone and SimplicityGO mobile app.

For your quick reference and review, we have created a chart recapping all the features, sharing costs, how it can be used to improve your business and more. 

v41 Features At a Glance Chart

To learn more read our blogs – Improve Efficiency, Improve Security, and Improve Collaboration - for deeper dives into each component and related new features. 

For a live discussion to review the new features and share how they can be used to positively impact your business phone system’s functionality, make sure you attend our v41 Webinars with Simplicity’s Sales Engineer, Mike Martin.

These two short webinars are being offered on October 20th and October 28th at 2 pm EST. Pre-registration is required.

v41 New Feature Webinar - Oct. 20, 2 PM

v41 New Feature Webinar - Oct. 28, 2 PM

If you have immediate questions about how the new v41 features can support your needs and business goals, Contact Simplicity today.