Landlines are Disappearing: Your Business Needs VoIP

landlines going away

The days of relying solely on landline phones are numbered. Not just because we're no longer using them – less than 30 percent of Americans are – but also because they're getting too expensive for many businesses. In a recent No Jitter article, they reported that some companies have seen increases of over $1,000 for one POTS line. Yikes!

But why this sudden increase? And what does it have to do with landline services? Well, this blog will answer both of those questions. Starting with the financials.

Are Landlines Going Away? Yes, Eventually 

This is due to regulatory changes made by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in 2019. The FCC lifted long-standing restrictions on copper lines – how they should be priced, maintained, etc. This "release" paved the way for carriers to not only introduce new services but also charge market-value prices for traditional POTS lines, and that has significant, long-term effects on businesses. 

Landlines are Going Away: What You Can Expect  

Companies relying on landline phones are running up against significant obstacles, such as:

  • Dwindling Support: As carriers move away from landline technology, they're slowly reducing their support for traditional copper lines. That means if you have any issues with your landline, you might struggle to find timely assistance or face lengthy hold times when repairs are needed.  
  • Rising Maintenance Costs: Before the FCC's 2019 decision, carriers had to absorb many of the costs of maintaining their traditional infrastructure. But now, they have the freedom to pass those charges on to you. From equipment upkeep to repair costs, you'll spend more and more to keep your landline phones operational.  
  • Declining Reliability: As landline networks age, their reliability will decrease. This could lead to dropped calls, poor audio quality, and other frustrating issues.  
  • Incompatibility With Modern Systems: Landlines may not integrate with the latest phone systems your company will need, making it difficult for your company to evolve and stay relevant.

These difficulties negatively affect customer service and the bottom line and also hamper productivity in the long run.

Now's the Time to Choose the Cloud  

As landlines slowly decline, cloud-based communication solutions have become a beacon of hope for companies of all shapes and sizes. VoIP-powered offerings – like UCaaS platforms – boast all kinds of benefits, like:

  • Cost-effectiveness: You'll spend less on costly hardware and phone lines. VoIP lets you make calls on the internet, cutting down on long-distance and international charges.  
  • Effortless Growth: No need for big installations or upgrades. Cloud solutions can easily adjust as your business grows.  
  • Remote Work Capabilities: VoIP lets you make secure business calls from your phone, computer, laptop, or even tablet, whether you're in the office, at home, or traveling to Bora Bora.  
  • More Advanced Features: VoIP systems have virtual assistants, video calls, and instant messaging. These can help you work smarter, collaborate better, and see more success in your day-to-day dealings.  
  • All-in-one Data Control: Platforms like Simplicity VoIP come with dozens of helpful integrations, allowing you to unite your CRM, communications, ticketing system, and more in one place.  
  • Future-preparedness: VoIP-based systems are simple to upgrade and maintain, allowing you to keep pace with new tech without breaking a sweat.

And that's just scratching the surface of what VoIP (and the cloud) can help your business do.

Get Ahead of the Discontinuation with Simplicity VoIP   

Landlines are going away, and while it may seem like the end of an era, it's also the dawn of new opportunities in communication. Simplicity VoIP is there to help you enter it with confidence. We've got customizable VoIP solutions that can make the transition from copper to SIP quick, simple, and beneficial for your whole team. Reach out to make the switch today and reap the rewards tomorrow!