5 Questions to Consider When Researching a New Phone System

If you are like many business owners, you are considering how to tap into new technology while managing the bottom line towards profitability. Inevitably, equipment wears out or does not meet the current needs of your business. Phones are still a top source for the way most clients interact with your business and secure services. Phones and phone systems do wear out and can be more of a hinderance than a help if they are not up to date with modern standards.

If you find yourself in the situation of researching a new phone system, where do you even begin with the multitude of choices between types of systems like on-premise, cloud and VoIP options? Then, you have to sort through the hundreds of  possible vendors– each with a slightly different offering and pricing structure. It can be downright confusing!

Here are some basic questions to consider.

1 – What are your trying to accomplish? What types of staff do you support? Do you need physical phones or can you operate with a virtual system that utilizes mobile devices?

2 – Is your network infrastructure ready – can the current network architecture support the new demands of real-time voice? If it is not, what is the cost to get it ready – who will do this work?

3 – How about your bandwidth? It is wise to conduct a Network Readiness Assessment (NRA) to ensure that your voice traffic can be adequately supported without jitter, delay or latency issues negatively impacting on call sound quality.

4 – What do you need from a provider? Can you manage the phone system installation yourself or do you need installation and training for your staff? Once installed, can you make changes and maintain your own system or do you want support? What does that support cost?

5 – What happens in the case of an event like the loss of power or a natural emergency? Is your phone system essential to daily operations and needs to be live no matter what?

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You don’t have to do this on your own! To explore your phone system options, utilize professionals, like independent telecom agents, who will help you review your business goals and can present solutions at no cost to you. In addition, a telecom agent or consultant can assist with the procurement of your technology, as well as ongoing care and issue resolution with the selected provider.

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