Call Transcription & Sentiment Analysis: New Features of Version 42

Simplicity is committed to providing our clients with the most up-to-date features that enable your business communications to run smoothly and efficiently.

With the release of our newest platform upgrade, Version 42 (v42), we wanted to highlight some of the most exciting features. Next up is Call Transcription and Sentiment Analysis.

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Call Transcription

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Call Transcription automatically breaks out call recordings, transcribing them via AWS Transcribe, separating text by the speaker. Transcriptions are visible in the portal and/or downloadable in a .csv file.

Benefits of Call Transcription

#1. Keep Records of  Representative-Customer Conversations

Like call recording, call transcription is another way to document f conversations between your team and your customers but in a hard copy format. This can be helpful for training, legal, or even marketing purposes. It also helps customers feel valued because there will be a trail of their interactions with the company, and they won't have to repeat themselves each time they contact your business.

You're also able to learn about your customers or audience; refer to crucial statements and highlights; share records with other team members, and analyze the success of that conversation to improve the customer experience and buyer's journey.

#2. Easily Find Specific Information

When calls are transcribed, anyone on your team will be able to easily search and locate specific highlights, keywords, and phrases. This can be beneficial when telling a manager or team member about a particular case or issue — or if you're following up with a customer and need to reference that information.

#3. Save Time and Money

It is estimated that one hour of AI transcription equates to four hours of manual transcription. Calculate the wage cost per hour of the team member transcribing recorded calls today. An hour of call transcription is 25 - 50+% less than minimum wage. Call transcription improves accuracy while saving both time and money!

#4. Improve Accessibility

When your company has call transcription, your conversations become far more accessible to everyone, including those who are deaf or hard of hearing and those doing research. This is a significant benefit for communication, transparency, and documentation availability. 

Sentiment Analysis

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Sentiment Analysis is a natural language processing (NLP) technology using AI to determine through keywords whether word choice is positive, negative, or neutral during a call. (Call Transcription is a prerequisite to enabling Sentiment Analysis.)

Benefits of Sentiment Analysis

#1. Minimize Customer Churn

There are tons of benefits associated with sentiment analysis. With this tool, it is much easier to identify a dissatisfied customer while they're communicating with a member of your team. This tool enables your representatives to offer a smooth service and fast resolution to appease and ultimately retain the customer.

#2. Adaptive Customer Service

Even with the best team of agents providing convenient, flexible service, it can be a challenge to determine the best approach for each customer. With sentiment analysis, businesses are able to adapt customer service strategies based on previous feedback gathered through the technology.

#3. Identify Emotional Triggers

Emotions often drive decisions. Sentiment analysis can help identify which messages and conversations act as emotion-inducing triggers to affect customer mood. 

For example, what if the phrase "Please Wait" triggers annoyance with customers? 

Understanding what messages or phrases trigger certain emotions among your customers can allow your business to deliver better service and craft better marketing materials. 


Want to learn more about Call Transcription, Sentiment Analysis, and other new v42 features? Join us on May 19, 2022, for a webinar, where we’ll discuss these features and how they can benefit your business. 

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