Is your business prepared to defend against Cyber Threats? Simplicity VoIP & CenturyLink can help.

Cyber threats are a reality for all businesses, enterprise and small alike. As these cyber threats continue to grow and expand, businesses, governments and consumers seek answers to protect their assets and to keep data secure.

Businesses must understand how they can protect themselves from evolving and increasingly sophisticated malicious operators. CenturyLink Threat Research Labs created a report based exclusively on what they see across the CenturyLink global backbone to offer the IT community insights around how they can protect themselves and their customers.

The report shares CenturyLink’s insights around:

  • Sources of global malicious traffic and the victims targeted
  • Components of attack traffic
  • The evolution and presiding trends with respect to DDoS IoT botnets

Some key findings revealed in the report are:

  • The US leads in global malicious traffic by country of origin
  • The US is a top bot-hosting country – with an average of 1.8 million bots daily
  • CenturyLink Threat Research Labs tracked an average of 195,000 threats per day in 2017, impacting, on average, 104 million unique targets daily.

Click here to get the full CenturyLink 2018 Threat Report.

There is no such thing as a cyber world devoid of risk. But information is power and understanding the threats you face today can only help you improve your security for the incidents you will face tomorrow.

Comtel Communications is a full-service consulting agency as well as a Diamond CenturyLink Channel Partner. As a compliment to its business communications solutions, Simplicity VoIP offers CenturyLink’s full suite of security solutions. Our team can help you explore the security options available to protect your business based on key priorities.

About Simplicity

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