As-a-Service Model (aaS) – You too can Benefit

As technology and delivery models evolve, the as-a-Service option has become more popular and common in today’s businesses. There are numerous reasons for this shift including cost containment and ease of procurement.

But what is “aaS” anyway?

In short, the as-a-Service model provides companies with plug-in, scalable, consumption-based services supported by analytics, cloud and automation and to deliver business outcomes.

Technologies including cloud, automation, analytics, artificial intelligence and mobile have created a new "as-a-Service" business model where the whole is more powerful than the sum of its parts. There is power in integrating software, infrastructure and business processes on demand.

It enables business services and operations to become more intelligent, agile and robust, while supporting innovation that disrupts existing business processes.


· Greater cost control and substantial cost savings through increased business agility and cost flexibility inherent in cloud services, and from continued lower infrastructure prices.

· Faster procurement processing and accessing services quickly – in days or weeks versus months.

· Modular design means companies can mobilize and then demobilize rapidly when necessary.

· Scalable model - companies can ramp up and down to match actual business volume needs; and standardized with uniform processes and delivery. The multi-client, multi-tenant model provides repeatability.

· Consumption-based - companies pay based on what they use rather than committing to functionality and capabilities that may or may not be needed.

· Outcome-oriented - providers work as part of a relationship in which both buyer and provider are committed to specified business outcomes.

· Vendor-agnostic - companies benefit from the knowledge and experience of multiple providers so they can assemble a combination of solutions appropriate to the desired business and performance outcomes. Competition ensures providers are committed to innovations in business processes, infrastructure and applications. Services provided are always up to date, and buyers have continuous access to innovation, scale and in-depth expertise.

· Overall cost reduction - significantly lower total cost of ownership and buyers gain access to continuously updated software platforms rather than implementing them from scratch.

Adopting the as-a-Service model doesn't always come easy. There needs to be a commitment with both senior leadership and middle management. They may need to make their organizations aware of the overall strategy and build support for it as well as addressing possible talent gaps in areas such as analytics and automation. Companies can start to buy services piece-by-piece. One approach is to begin with a business function that is less critical. Once that function is converted and benefits are realized, then other functions can be targeted.

The as-a-Service business model is collaborative, entrepreneurial, innovative and value-driven. With strong leadership – and the right technology partners and platforms - companies can tap into the great potential of the emerging as-a-Service marketplace.

In the next few weeks, our blogs will feature specific types of as-a-service solutions to increase awareness and familiarity of the benefits for your business. An agnostic technology agent is happy to help review your business needs and to provide a deeper overview of the wide range of solutions. Then, they can help procure solutions and handle ongoing support.

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