Mobile Integration and You: Help Your Business Adapt

Today’s businesses need ways to connect remotely and conduct business on the go. This applies to small businesses, medium-sized companies, and enterprise-level organizations. Mobile integration allows you to manage resources in a remote work environment and provides the business technology you need to manage your business from anywhere.

Mobile IntegrationWhat is Mobile Integration?

Mobile integration lets you connect different devices and apps to your network, creating a seamless workflow no matter the device you're working on, improving flexibility and efficiency for your company. For example, working on a softphone app on your smartphone extends the functionality of your office phone to your smartphone, including features such as VoIP voice calling, video conferencing, messaging, file sharing, and reporting.

So, remote workers, distributed workforces, or even in-office workers who are away from their desks can continue to operate efficiently.

How Mobile Integration Helps Business Technology

Mobile integration allows you to pull together disparate resources into a seamless tech stack that lets your team members work efficiently whether they are in the office, at home, or anywhere else where they can connect. With the right Unified Communications provider, you can manage an assortment of digital tools, reducing the need to email documents back and forth or wait until you're at work to access data.

For the remote work environment, mobile integration allows workers the ability to have a consistent work experience. For example, they can share contacts on an office PC and a smartphone or have inbound callers to a work phone number automatically route to a mobile phone.

You can also connect your Unified Communications platform with other business applications, such as a CRM, to more efficiently manage workflow and improve productivity.

Improves Productivity

Mobile integration provides access to resources on demand. This allows your workers to make changes immediately, instantly access work materials from anywhere, and complete work tasks at a moment's notice.

Here are three specific advantages mobile integration offers businesses:

  • On-demand access to files and data. If you are a sales rep visiting a customer and a question arises, you can quickly access the resources on your phone for the information or send a copy to the customer. Without mobile integration, the request would have to wait until you can call someone to send the info or wait until you get back to the office.

  • Instant stock levels. Mobile integration with your inventory management system (IMS) or enterprise resource system (ERP) can provide access to real-time data about inventory and order fulfillment.

  • Connecting with customers. Today’s customers want instant answers. If they contact someone in your sales team and have to wait until they are in-office to get answers, they may instead head right to your competitor. Mobile integration allows sales teams to interact more efficiently wherever they are working.

Nearly six in ten frontline workers have the ability to be mobile — either working remotely or untethered from a desk or office.

Providing employees with the mobile tools they need and seamless integration to voice, video, and data can significantly improve productivity. 62% of workers surveyed agree that mobile access helps them be more productive.

Improves Communication

Besides providing access to network resources for your customers, mobile integration also provides several key benefits for communication.

Mobile integration lets you manage and route calls to appropriate devices whether an employee is working in-house or on the road. By selecting a hosted PBX option for your business phone system, your team members will never miss a call again.

It also provides greater flexibility, allowing employees to take and make calls on their mobile devices, desk phone, or laptop.

Saves Time and Money

A recent study by Forbes Insights reported that when employees have connected apps that are readily available, they can save as much as 14% in time. They don’t struggle to find the information they need or switch between programs and platforms. That’s a significant gain in time that can be applied to other areas of the business.

At the center of most Unified Communications is a hosted VoIP solution. By moving telephone service from traditional copper wires and local phone companies, businesses can use the public internet to process calls. This alone can provide significant savings. Many businesses find that switching to VoIP results in a reduction in monthly bills of 50% or more. At the same time, it allows remote workers the same functionality as in-office workers.

Businesses can also eliminate or reduce upfront costs by switching. Many providers are offering options for rentals. Also, new expensive on-site PBX equipment with maintenance contracts is unnecessary. 

VoIP also provides significant savings with unlimited domestic calling and texting.

Adding Unified Communication tools to the tech stack creates a comprehensive communication strategy to enable mobile workers, including features such as:

  • Video calling
  • Screen sharing
  • Call center integration
  • Virtual faxing
  • Seamless integration with a CRM
  • Wireless backup for seamless failover

Mobile Integrations Helps Businesses Adapt

While every industry has unique challenges and needs, the right communications solutions can help any business adapt to today’s environment. The right provider can help you design the right communications infrastructure to support any industry.

Here are just a few examples of how mobile integration and Unified Communications can help various industries and organizations.

Financial Services

Mobile solutions can incorporate encryption and robust security to comply with privacy and confidentiality requirements to keep client data safe and secure.


Similarly, you can get HIPAA-compliant communications for healthcare providers of any size.

Distributed Workforce

If you have multiple locations, you can connect all of them without the expense of adding physical private branch exchanges to each location. This lets companies expand, scale, or move when needed.


Besides protecting confidential client information, mobile integration also helps lawyers stay in touch with clients and access vital documents securely while away from the office.

Retail and eCommerce

Mobile integration also provides an easy-to-connect CRM and call center resources for a more comprehensive view of customers, past purchases, and behavior as needed and support for frontline retail workers.

Real Estate

Real estate agents are often on the move. The ability to connect and to access information on the go is critical to providing high-level service to clients.


Education institutions must provide accessible and reliable communication tools for teachers, students, and parents.


Insurance agents also need Unified Communications and seamless integration with mobile tools to work efficiently and deliver exceptional customer service.


Non-profit organizations must be exceptionally efficient. Many are understaffed or overwhelmed, yet still need to provide a high level of service to their constituencies and donors. Mobile integration allows for more flexible use and access wherever team members are working.

You Need Mobile Integration and Unified Communications Solutions

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We design custom solutions that meet the unique needs of each business. Unlike many other providers, Simplicity VoIP also provides site surveys, onsite delivery, support, and training to ensure businesses can maximize productivity and use.

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