Use Unified Communications to Drive Profitability

Posted by Abbey Twining on Jan 17, 2019 9:03:00 AM

As a goal for 2019, many businesses aim to improve their bottom line profitability. One of the best ways to do this is by increasing efficiency and improving the productivity of their employees. Through the application of technology, this can be easily achieved.

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10 Essential Business Skills for IT Pros

Posted by Abbey Twining on May 30, 2018 8:00:00 AM

Change is constant and a tangible reality in today’s world. As technology and the very nature of business operations evolve, the skills that current employees and candidates looking for positions need to follow suit, especially in the IT department.

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Millennials and Technology

Posted by Amy Humphreys on Oct 18, 2017 8:15:00 AM

Comprising a quarter of the US population, Millennials equate to approximately 83.1 million people. It is projected that by 2025, Millennials will comprise 75% of the global workforce. As the largest and most diverse generation to date, it is important to understand their motivations and predispositions in order to create desirable workplaces with proper cybersecurity to protect a business's intellectual capital and data.

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4 Startups That Will Make You Raise an Eyebrow

Posted by John May on Jun 29, 2017 12:29:46 PM

For something new, we are going to start featuring new startups weekly to show the weird and wonderful side of the tech community, entrepreneurship, and the future of business. There are startups for basically any product or service you can imagine. There is an IoT plant watering device, there are IoT latrines and toilets. There are so many plays for IoT toasters that if they weaponize we will soon be ruled by robot overlords with toasters for heads. Obviously, this list is non-exhaustive, there are certainly amazing, and wacky, startups that fly under our radar. So without further ado, here are the startups for this week.

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