7 Ways VoIP Will Help You Scale Your Business

If scaling your business is a long-term goal, then VoIP technology is a must. Traditional phone systems can manage short-term and straightforward goals but won’t be sufficient for the long haul. 

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Waiting to switch to VoIP means you’ll miss out on increased productivity, lower costs, and modern features. Below are seven ways that VoIP will help scale your business. 

#1 Flexibility and Mobility

Frequent changes are unavoidable when it comes to scaling your business. Hosted VoIP solutions are available on-demand to go as you grow. You only pay for services when you need them, so you never have to worry about paying for services you aren’t using. 

VoIP technology is managed in the cloud, so it is simple to add more employees to your network as you acquire them. Also, if your team consists of remote employees, you can add locations anywhere in the world. All phones have direct dial numbers, and you can dial extensions to reach others, even in another country. 

Along with handling changes, being able to have mobility regarding your business is also an essential factor. Traditional phone lines required you to have a central “home” base. The conventional lines require forwarding services, which can further create issues and an increased cost. VoIP solutions have no physical requirements at all. Businesses can be moved without any need to worry. 

#2 Easy Installation and Maintenance

VoIP solutions are easy to install and maintain. VoIP is often “plug-in and go” and can use your current ethernet wiring rather than another specific connection. The right VoIP provider will also walk through the installation process with your IT team to ensure that everything goes smoothly. 

Meanwhile, VoIP phone systems are incredibly easy to learn and use. Employees and administrators can quickly discover the new features that come with VoIP and do so at their own pace without feeling overwhelmed by technology. Many employees who have become familiar with traditional phone systems often realize that VoIP systems are much easier to use than they originally thought.

#3 Lower Costs

VoIP technology can bundle services and charge you one price for the service. With traditional phone solutions, you would often have to deal with multiple providers that would charge you separately for each. For example, services like long-distance calling, faxing, forwarding calls, conference calls, and video conferencing are typically charged separately from your standard monthly service fee. With VoIP, all of these services are included in your monthly cost. 

These additions can be included for a much lower cost because VoIP services are delivered over the internet; thus, all communications are sent and received over the internet. You can use your existing internet connection for your VoIP calls. VoIP calls and services using your existing internet connection are clear and high-quality. Using a VoIP service can prove to help make your domestic, long-distance, and international calls less expensive.

The money saved by switching from traditional phone services to VoIP solutions could be allocated towards services or necessities that would benefit your business, clients, and employees.

#4 Increased Productivity

Collaboration is much easier with VoIP solutions. Time is money, and the switch to VoIP can help your employees be more productive and reach their fullest potential. 

Associated with increased productivity, VoIP solutions offer many features that will save time and energy from employees and customers. There is no longer a need to deal with some of the work day’s tedious tasks because there are now features that will help your business grow. 

Some of these features include the following: 

  • Auto Attendants: This can be a traditional digit-based system or an automated voice-based menu. The system transfers callers to an extension or department without having to go through a receptionist or telephone operator. This feature is vital as it helps you create your customized greeting based on the time of the call and the caller’s needs.
  • Voicemail to Email Transcription: This feature can transcribe your voicemail messages to text and then send them to a selected email. You will be able to take your time and read them conveniently in your email responding to those which are a higher priority first
  • Call Screening: This feature isn’t new, but it is improved with VoIP. Call screening allows you to display a caller’s ID before answering the phone call. You will have the choice to accept, decline, or send the call to voicemail, depending on your availability. This feature can help employees to manage their time better. 

Modern VoIP systems also offer a host of integrations. Connecting your phone system to your CRM, for example, is a major advantage of VoIP services. Furthermore, the additional analytics and insights you gain with a VoIP system can help you make more informed decisions to improve employee productivity and engagement. 

#5 Efficient Client Interaction

VoIP can increase voice clarity, so there is little need to worry about possible missed communication. There are no call lags or distorted calls anymore. The technology will make your business possibilities more appealing and run more efficiently. 

With VoIP, call conferencing and document sharing are easier than ever. The communication with your clients is more personal and remains completely safe, secure, and transparent. 

Customers hate being put on hold for long periods and not having access to the proper assistance. VoIP phone systems can make sure that customer calls are answered promptly and directed to the right person. You could also use automatic routing rules. This will ensure that all agents get equal opportunities to answer phone calls. Good customer service is vital to any business, and the experience is expected to be hassle-free, pleasant, and helpful. This will prompt more customers to tell others, and thus, “word of mouth marketing” takes shape. 

You will also find that there is no need to lose any sort of communication With an excellent VoIP phone system, you can also choose where your telephone calls ring and how. For example, you may select the first couple of rings to be forwarded to a specific office. If you fail to answer the phone call, it will be transmitted to a second or even third device, say, a smartphone or laptop. Simply put, telephone calls do not have to be missed anymore, especially if they are urgent. This is a great segway to the next benefit of VoIP: reliability.

#6. Reliability

One of the most common assumptions of VoIP is that if for some reason a business finds itself without power or internet, then all communication and operations are lost. And we all know that downtime can be incredibly costly for any organization.

However, one of the benefits of VoIP is that in an office power outage, calls and communication services can easily be shifted to mobile phones and other devices. Weather, power, or unforeseen circumstances are no longer as much of a concern as they once were for businesses. 

#7. Up to Date Technology

Businesses that aren’t taking advantage of modern technology can hurt themselves and give the wrong impression to their customers. The digital nature of a hosted VoIP phone service eliminates the worry about your system becoming obsolete. 

As your business grows, there will be no need to buy a new phone system to access the latest features that you may want or that will better help your business, employees, or customers. So long as your physical phone systems are compatible with your host’s software, there is no reason to change them out. Significant feature changes with your VoIP service occur at the software level. So there is no reason to purchase, trade-in, or upgrade to new phones to get access to the feature you need or want. This saves you money in the long run.

Making the switch from traditional phone solutions to VoIP can allow your business to grow with ease. You can plan long-term goals that will help your business excel. VoIP solutions provide efficiency, easy accessibility, clear communication, and seamless support for your clients, employees, and administrators.

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