Internet Speed: What is It, and How Can You Improve It?


Many people complain about their internet being too slow, but do not know the reason behind it or how to fix it. While the FCC defines a broadband internet access speed of 25 Mbps as a minimum requirement, the truth is, there is not a single “good” one size fits all internet speed. It all depends on what you use the internet for, and how many devices will be using a single internet connection. 

If you are not sure where to begin learning about your internet connection, here are some quick facts that can help you get started:

  • Internet speed is measured in Megabits per second (mbps), and you should aim for at least 12 mbps for download speed
  • If multiple devices are connected to the internet, your speed should be around 25 mbps
  • “Basic” internet speed ranges from 3 to 8 mbps, while “advanced” speed exceeds 25 mbps

You should choose your internet speed service based on what you use the internet for. If you only use your web browsers to browse Amazon or check your email, you probably do not need to pay for the advanced speed. 

However, if you have been working from home using video software and other telecommunication software then you would want to make sure your internet speed is advanced and can keep up with all of your activities. 

In the US, there is inconsistent internet access amongst all 50 states. Where an internet user lives and works has an impact on their Internet access cost and the speed and reliability of their connection.

If you are unsure of how good your current internet connection is, there is an easy way to check using Google. To check your speed, open up a Google search engine and type in “internet speed test”. A box will appear with the option to “run speed test”. Then your internet speed will be calculated and will show up with a graphic similar to the speedometer on a car. Keep in mind that the speed depends on your location, so if you want to check your speed for an upcoming conference call, make sure you check it in the room where you plan to take the call. 

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