SimplicityWeb Softphone Application - a Remote Work Essential

These days, a common offering through VoIP solution providers is access to a softphone. But what is this? Is it a special piece of hardware? How does it work? Read on for some answers to these questions as well as common benefits of softphone adoption.

First of all, a VoIP softphone is not an actual piece of hardware but is a software program that allows you to make and receive phone calls through the internet on any hardware/device that can run the software.

Secondly your computer or tablet can be used in place of your desk phone. Using current VoIP technology and SIP standards, “softphones” use your business extension, but do not rely on a dedicated piece of hardware to do so.

Common features of VoIP softphones that traditional phones offer include:

  • Call conferencing
  • Hold capabilities
  • Call transferring
  • Voicemail
  • Greeting capabilities
  • Text, IM, and video capabilities
  • Contact list/address book

Unlike traditional desk phones, VoIP softphones offer the business user a multitude of benefits including:

  • Geographical Flexibility – VoIP technology and softphones are not dependent on location. As long as there is internet access, anywhere- anytime rules apply. No matter the circumstances, this tool benefits telecommuters, remote workers, multi-location business owners and others by allowing them to make calls, transfer inbound calls to other associates, check missed call and listen to voicemails.
  • Chat & Messaging – with the need to collaborate, softphones facilitate the sharing of content and ideas via chat and instant messaging.
  • CRM Integration – softphones seamlessly integrate with third-party CRMs providing real-time access to contact information as well as caller id.
  • Upgradable Software – software is easily, and efficiently upgradable as new updates are rolled out. There is no need to purchase costly equipment with this future-proof software.
  • Employee Presence – softphones allow for real-time presence driving efficiency, improved communication, and enhanced caller experience.

Our SimplicityWeb softphone application allows your computer to be used as a phone – to make and receive calls – as described above and, is included in your hosted phone system.

Accessed through the online portal, this feature extends VoIP functionality and features of the Simplicity platform to your computer delivering a full Unified Communications solution.

Another tool to consider when working remotely is SimplicityGo - our mobile application. It is included on the platform and allows you to use your mobile device to function your business extension to make and receive phone calls. To learn more about this technology and its benefits read our blog.

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For questions about our SimplicityWeb application or to review how your business can tap into the benefits of VoIP and softphones, consult with one of our experts. We ask the right questions to determine what you need and how VoIP fits into what you’re trying to accomplish. In addition to assisting you with procurement, we also handle ongoing care.

About Simplicity

Simplicity VoIP, based in Richmond, VA, provides hosted PBX, VoIP and business telephone solutions nationally to small, medium, and enterprise-level businesses for a comprehensive unified communications experience. It’s Class 5 geo-redundant VoIP platform is offered in addition to fax-to-email, phones and equipment, and managed services. Named as Richmond’s 11th fastest growing company by Richmond BizSense in 2018, Simplicity VoIP’s key to success is its on-site service, installation and training supported 24/7/365 by a world-class client services team.