SimplicityGo-New Mobile App-You Need This!

Flexibility is one of the biggest benefits a VoIP phone system offers its users. In this “on the go” world, having the ability to work whenever and wherever allows an employee to stay connected even though they may not in their office at a desk.

Through Simplicity VoIP’s platform and our SimplicityGo app (version 2.0), our clients have the ability to:
  • take and make calls
  • access contact lists
  • check messages
  • review call history
  • configure settings
  • text
  • and efficiently work remotely from their cell phone

With the new augmented WIFI to cellular transitioning and mobile twinning, the technology is seamless as calls switch to and from the app and desk phone. An additional plus is that calls appear to the outside world as if they are being originated from the business or office – keeping a personal cell phone number private.

This app is free and be can easily downloaded from the Android and iOS/Apple app stores. Look up Simplicity Go to get started. Questions?  Just email or call 804-412-7283. 

If you haven’t tapped into this tool, now is the time! It is a wonderful value-add to your Simplicity VoIP phone system.

View the video overviews of the SimplicityGo apps for Android and iOS: