Simplicity VoIP v41 Upgrade Feature Review, Improves Collaboration, Part 3

To ensure you are getting the most out of your phone system, our Simplicity engineers are releasing a new software update! On September 30, 2020, the v41 release was made available to current and new Simplicity VoIP clients, and most are for no additional costs.

Today’s blog reviews v41’s new features that improve collaboration, highlighting each feature’s benefit to our clients.

v41 was designed to deliver three crucial components or pillars:

  1. Improved efficiency,
  2. Improved security, and
  3. Improved collaboration.

The Third Pillar: Improved Collaboration

The third and final pillar revolves around improving the collaborative aspect of our services. In this time of crisis, working together is critical for success, and these new features should make collaboration easier and more productive. 

Zoom Demolisher: SimplicityCOLLAB

SimplicityCOLLAB features a major rework in underlying technology and appearance, providing more consistent and high-quality video experience for conferencing and webinar hosts and participants. Through the one Simplicity platform, users can easily stay digitally connected with new features and customization options. SimplicityCOLLAB is accessible through the Simplicity client portal, webphone, and contact panel and requires no additional software to download; simply join through Google Chrome. You can arrange meetings, set up video conferences, create Webinars and meeting rooms, and so much more. In short, SimplicityCOLLAB provides a robust video conferencing platform offering users more control for scheduling, presenting, collaborating, and managing virtual meetings. Priced at $4.99 per user, Simplicity is not only making it easier to connect but affordable as well! SimplicityCOLLAB At a Glance and Got a sec? See the Video

Better Connected: Chat & SMS

This feature allows users to have text conversations, send attachments and use emojis through the Simplicity platform and applications. Chat and SMS can be with a single individual or a group using extensions, 10-digit numbers, or a combination of both. The addition of a Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) supports the addition of media files for a richer exchange.

Attachments can be documents, photos, videos, and audio clips up to 5 MB. Conversation threads can be accessed and reused easily. Much more efficient than emails, it is a great way to organize threads by project or department. Contacting group members has never been easier, and it comes free with the update. Chat & SMS At a Glance and Got a sec? See the Video

Improving What’s There: Reworked Contact Panel

The Contact Panel has been reworked to be more efficient and user-friendly. In the portal, we have both modernized and improved the Contact Panel. The collaboration tools are now easier to launch as well. Two new additions to the panel are the added Gravatar support and the ability to see recent chat/SMS conversations quickly. This, of course, comes free of charge with the update. Reworked Contact Panel At a Glance and Got a sec? See the Video

For more detailed information about these features, visit our v41 Improved Collaboration webpage.

That’s all for the third and final pillar of Simplicity’s v41 update. If you haven’t already, read up on the previous two pillars, improved efficiency, and security. Here are the blogs, Improved Efficiency Blog and  Improved Security Blog, for more information.

Or a complete list of Simplicity VoIP’s Features and Functions

If you have questions about how the new v41 features can support your needs and business goals, Contact Simplicity today.

About Simplicity

Simplicity VoIP, based in Richmond, VA, provides hosted PBX, VoIP, and business telephone solutions nationally to small, medium, and enterprise-level businesses for a comprehensive, unified communications experience. Its Class 5 geo-redundant VoIP platform is offered in addition to fax-to-email, phones, equipment, and managed services. Named Richmond’s 11th fastest growing company by Richmond BizSense in 2018, Simplicity VoIP’s key to success is its on-site service, installation, and training supported 24/7/365 by a world-class client services team.