V41 New Feature Highlight: Chat & SMS


If you look around your home, office, or even bedroom, you will most likely be able to point to more than one device that is connected to the internet. It can be difficult, and also a pain to work and collaborate on several different devices at once. Wouldn’t it be easier to access your clients and coworkers from just a single platform? 

With the v41 upgrade, Simplicity unveiled its Chat & SMS services. This feature allows users to have text conversations, send attachments and use emojis through the Simplicity VoIP platform and applications. Chat & SMS can be with a single individual or a group using extensions, 10-digit numbers, or a combination of both. Additionally, it comes free with your monthly Simplicity service!

The feature also includes Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS). With MMS, attachments can be documents, photos, videos, and audio clips up to 5mb. Learn more about MMS in the video below:

Your customers and clients can connect with you on your  phone, Simplicity’s webapp, or mobile app. Have your team be able to connect through any device, anywhere. This instant communication enhances productivity and information exchange- much more efficiently than waiting for responses to emails or missed calls. Utilize group messaging to get more people involved. 

Some benefits of Chat & SMS to highlight include:

  • Improved customer service and response times
  • Faster, unified support from any device, anywhere
  • Group messages with multiple participants
  • Ability to share files and media with MMS
  • The opportunity to grow sales by staying connected  
  • Communicate with clients in their preferred method - like text

The Chat & SMS feature an serve as a great alternative to emails and phone calls. It is faster, more streamlined, and can be accessed seamlessly across all devices. 

Simplicity VoIP strives to bring new tools to support  you and your business. Learn more about this v41 upgrade on the Improved Collaboration from Chat & SMS page. To sign up for Chat & SMS today, use this link