Simplicity VoIP New Feature Highlight: COLLAB

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As the first month of the new year draws to a close, the Simplicity team is excited to highlight the features of the new Simplicity COLLAB platform. As the workforce continues on this virtual trajectory, Simplicity is here to guide you in these times of a new normal. With the need for online collaboration at its peak, with the v41 upgrade, Simplicity is making strides in the world of video conferencing. 

Read on, or watch this video to explore the ways COLLAB can improve video conferencing at your company! 

Accessibility and Ease

Simplicity COLLAB is browser-based and available through the Simplicity portal, on the web, and through your phone via Chrome. No need to download any additional software! Accessing video conferencing has never been easier. 

Reaching a Wider Audience

COLLAB allows users to hold video conferencing with up to 25 participants and four screenshares. Team meetings have never been easier! Additionally, with the webinar feature, you can hold events and presentations with up to 150 participants and six hosts. The webinar format also allows participants to register for the meeting ahead of time.


COLLAB gives participants the opportunity to join meeting rooms together. Guests now have the ability to share their screen, applications, documents, and webcam views. Using the Q&A section in the side chat bar of the video conference provides an additional level of clarity and communication.


Making sure your information is safe and secure is one of our main priorities with COLLAB. The platform offers many security options such as SSO, Multi-Factor Authentication, pre registration, and meeting passwords. The login page also now supports Google and Microsoft 365 single sign on. 

Sign up today!

In today’s digital world, versatility in communication is important. COLLAB is bringing creativity, ease, and innovation to the workplace. For only $4.99 per user/month, you can upgrade your workplace’s virtual office with no costs for recordings with 30-day storage. 

Sign up for COLLAB HERE, or contact Simplicity VoIP today for more information!