10 Signs You Should Invest In A VoIP Setup

Posted by Michael Martin on Jun 13, 2017 3:25:40 PM


 Maybe a sign to update your internet services. 
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You Kids Get Off My Lan! 5 Tech Terms You Should Know

Posted by John May on Jun 8, 2017 10:09:00 AM

As technology races ever faster into the future, so does the terminology used to describe it. Many, we know implicitly, firewall, virus, open source. Many are often vaguely defined. Many are  hot topics at dinner parties and nobody's really sure what they're talking about. Now you can know what you're talking about with a list of 5 essential terms in information and technology. This list is nonexhaustive. [For convenience, we've abbreviated the definitions for skimming]. 

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7 Things About The Cloud You Need To Know

Posted by Pete Kraehmer on Jun 7, 2017 2:24:43 PM

The Cloud is a nebulous phrase that since it's naming in 2006 by Eric Schmidt, Google CEO, has lead to many head scratches and blank stares. "What is the cloud" gives over 3 million search results, and every single one is a different definition. For our followers, we will risk the potential witchhunt and define the 'cloud' in a reasonable, common sense way. So what who cares? Cloud business is expanding so rapidly that market projections show a shift in over $1 trillion in spending. It's a big deal. 

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5 Quick Tips About VoIP

Posted by Pete Kraehmer on Jun 7, 2017 2:08:33 PM

VoIP (Voice over internet protocol) is the capacity to use the Internet to make phone calls, video calls, and more. It is reliable, affordable, and higher quality than traditional phone networks and services. Now, enough with the grandstanding. VoIP is useful, but there are some things that you should have in order before moving forward with a VoIP service. 

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A Bright Future for the Internet of Things

Posted by Ben Humphreys on Jun 2, 2017 9:46:00 AM

The Internet of Things varies from  a personal plant assistant  to innovations in the restaurant industry, and everything in between. Your phone links to your thermostat, your refrigerator, and your car. We are embarking on a wild ride into an increasingly collaborative world. So, what is coming next? What do people think about the Internet of Things?

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Comtel Receives Recognition from The Alliance Partners

Posted by Newsletter on Mar 6, 2017 10:22:25 AM


At the recent quarterly meeting of The Alliance Partners Board, Comtel Communications was recognized with a plaque in gratitude for the many contributions it and owner Ben Humphreys made in advancing the efforts of this organization.  David Gardner, Chairman of the Board of the Agent Alliance and President of Advantage Communications Group LLC, presented the plaque. To read the proclamation, click the link below.

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Simplicity VoIP - Official VoIP Provider for the Richmond Kickers!

Posted by Newsletter on Feb 1, 2016 4:23:13 PM

Simplicity VoIP is pleased to announce its partnership with the Richmond Kicker's professional soccer team as their official VoIP Provider.  With phone orders, marketing efforts and media communications, the Richmond Kickers found themselves in need of an updated, reliable and feature rich phone system.  Simplicity is able to provide this in addition to our exceptional after sale service so the Kickers can focus all of their efforts on a winning season!

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