Remote Working - E911 Considerations

Cloud-based based phone systems have many benefits including flexibility, feature-rich functionality, the ability to make changes in minutes, and support of business continuity should the need arise to shift from the traditional workplace. Literally, employees can work any-time, any-where.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many organizations have sent their employees to work remotely as a health and safety measure. With this shift, consideration needs to be given to another safety precaution – the E911 locations tied to business phone numbers.

Organizations usually adopt one of three approaches to support telework through their cloud-based phone systems:

  1. Provisioning equipment for home-use, including desktop phones and routers
  2. Using softphone applications, allowing the remote user’s computer to become a phone
  3. Utilizing mobile apps, allowing the remote user’s cell phone to function like their desk phone

No matter the deployment model, businesses must make sure users' locations are accurately mapped so that teleworkers stay safe should the need arise to call 911. When calling 911, it is imperative the correct local 911 answering point is reached, the 911 operator receives accurate caller location information, and that first responders are dispatched to the right location. 

To overcome this issue, it is essential to understand your phone system and what measures need to be taken to properly register remote workers. In the case where telephone network connectivity is provided by the cloud-based phone providers, call location management and 911 call routing are handled by the cloud provider.

Should you utilize the benefits of a cloud-based phone system by facilitating remote work, it is important to contact your provider and notify them of the remote user’s temporary location so that changes can be made in the system. This notification will ensure that calls are routed to the correct public safety answering point (PSAP) with accurate caller location information in the case of an unforeseen emergency and need to call 911.

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