Why You Need a Telecom Audit

Did you know that 80% of telecom bills contain errors? When was the last time you looked at your telecom and technology related bills –  really looked? If it has been more than 12 months, then you are most likely being billed incorrectly.


There are many reasons for these errors, the first of which is the current climate of mergers and acquisitions. Large companies are securing other large companies and many small companies are being absorbed by the larger ones. Each company has different accounting systems and ways of billing and there is just no easy way to put the two or more entities together.  In addition, these mergers are disruptive to leadership teams and seasoned staff. Because there are duplicate sets of sales, operations, accounting and other departments, a knowledge gap is created when staff from each company is dismissed. You as a business owner are left to address service and billing issues with minimum wage order entry staff or with off-shore support teams. This environment produces disarray and mistakes happen – costing you money.


What kind of errors can be found in bills?  An audit with reveal everything from overcharges, mischarges, and charges for services not rendered. Often there are also surprises to be found with the taxes, tariffs and random recovery fees that companies are allowed to charge. By the time you consider the numerous vendors -  voice, wireless, data, internet and equipment – supporting your business’s infrastructure, these errors and extra fees add up.


What’s a business owner or CFO to do? You have a couple of ways to secure an audit. The first is by engaging a company that performs audits in exchange for a portion of the fees identified and recovered. Another way is to work with an independent telecom agency who most likely will perform this service for free in exchange for the opportunity to represent you for new services that your company will need. Since the agency is paid directly by providers, this choice costs you nothing, puts money on your bottom-line profit and allows you to tap into the agent’s expertise regarding bill analysis and cutting-edge solutions for your current business needs. To read more about the benefits of working with an unbiased telecom agency, refer to this blog (link to telecom agency blog.)


Since telecom and technology expenses are often in the top three line items for most companies, a telecom audit can significantly impact a company’s bottom line. Agents are happy to review your current bills and to advise you on how to reduce costs, upgrade old technologies or streamline services. Ask them for their assistance - there’s no upfront cost to you and can only put more money in your pocket.

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