9 Way VoIP Empowers Sales Teams

Excellent communication is an absolute necessity when it comes to successful sales. If your sales team can clearly communicate with your clients and prospects, they can undoubtedly become loyal customers. 

When your team misses multiple calls from clients, is not correctly communicating with prospects, and is often conducting inefficient operations, this can be detrimental to your business. Clear, high-quality, and consistent communication and systems are the key to developing and maintaining successful relationships with clients. If you cannot showcase your business to the world and prove how well you serve your clients and how much you appreciate their loyalty and business, it makes it difficult for potential customers to choose to work with you.

The best thing you as a leader can do for your sales team is to provide them with the highest quality communications systems. The better the system is, the better your teams can perform, and the more business can be generated!

A modern, high-quality VoIP business phone system can help your business save money while also increasing sales, growing your loyal customer base, and streamlining processes for your valued sales team. Below are nine ways VoIP can assist your business in generating sales and helping to empower your sales team.

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#1. Choose the Cloud 

VoIP has proven to be a phenomenal partner within the cloud telecommunication industry. With the ability to store data and operate in a single interface, the management process for your sales team becomes much more efficient.

Sales teams that are still using conventional phone systems often have lower productivity due to various aspects. For instance, it takes longer to pull up a client's information with traditional systems. Additionally, manually dialing and re-dialing phone numbers and re-entering customer information can waste time. VoIP’s any time, anywhere accessibility can streamline processes and has proven to be a vital tool for enhancing productivity among sales teams. 

#2. VoIP and Local Presence for Additional Sales

VoIP can use local dialing presence to maximize caller pickup rates. While traditional landline phone systems are tied to a local phone number, VoIP allows businesses to own and operate multiple virtual phone numbers with any area code they want. This eliminates the hurdle of intercity, interstate, or even international expansion (and the cost of doing so). 

#3. Quickly Offer Promotions

The more calls that are made, the more sales are secured. Your company's sales team can contact more customers with unlimited calling plans and drive leads to clients or prospects. All your agent needs is a smartphone or laptop and a reliable internet connection. VoIP service for small businesses is the solution for entrepreneurs in our modern, digitalized world.

#4. Mobility Mobility Mobility

VoIP does not have any requirements for a physical, on-site phone system that must be installed in an office location. All calls and messages can be taken over a laptop or mobile phone. The VoIP system eliminates the need for installation, usage, and maintenance charges of a conventional business phone. The only prerequisite for VoIP communications has a reliable, high-speed internet connection. This offers your sales team the ability to work on the go, from wherever they want, whenever they want. This flexibility and mobility option allows sales teams to work various hours, getting you connected to international customers in a different time zone.

#5. VoIP Boosts Team Collaboration

VoIP can offer enhanced mobility and high-functioning collaboration tools such as video, screen share, and messaging, which allows for remote work without hindering communications among team members. This flexibility allows for higher productivity and collaboration within your organization and individual departments or teams. Leaders can monitor calls logs and save them for future purposes with cloud-based VoIP. 

Team communication is enhanced with VoIP between its flexibility, data centralization, and collaboration-friendly components.

Additionally, VoIP's flexibility and internet reliability over a conventional landline infrastructure make it easier to scale with your team's ever-changing needs like new team member onboarding, off-boarding, training, growth, and team building events.

#6. Effective, Efficient Customer Support

VoIP allows your business to offer even better customer service. Your team has the ability to forward calls to any department that can help address and solve customer issues promptly. Calls can also be queued, which assures that someone will answer the call. This reduces the number of missed calls throughout your business. Calls can even be directed to a service representative based on skillset.

#7. Single Interface for All Customer Data

Organizations and their internal sales teams often hold on to massive amounts of hard copies of client contact information. Agents also tend to take notes during calls and add them to files (after the call ends). However, this system does not guarantee that the sales agent will remember everything discussed with the customer. 

With a VoIP-based cloud system that is integrated with a CRM, all the client contact information can be logged within the software. With only a simple search of customer names, all related data can be pulled up to assist further. Additionally, all calls are recorded and saved in the cloud. The feature enables the sales team to go back and listen to the recording again when needed. It allows the sales team to make faster calls, access customer information quicker than ever, and manage all customer communications individually.

#8. Easy Troubleshooting

A significant hurdle to premium productivity is when a network or phone system goes down or is out of service. With VoIP, companies do not need to worry about conventional cabling or all of the potential issues tied to it. The modern VoIP system uses a cloud-based network so that when changes or updates do need to be made, it does not require users to alter hardware or work with live wires. Business continuity and redundancy are built in the mobile apps on cellular devices. VoIP can also be backed up with wireless backup systems that seamlessly failover a power or internet outage at the business.

#9. Quickly Evaluate Sales Performance and Quality Assurance Tools

Assessing sales performance and determining what is working and what is not is vital to a successful sales team. Luckily, VoIP communication systems can store and provide sufficient information pertaining to call logs for analyses on call times, rates of missed calls, and other key performance indicators (KPIs) that can help you improve and strengthen your team sales performance. As a leader, you can also access performance data on individual agents. 

VoIP also offers visual interpretations like graphs and charts. These visualizations can make it easier for everyone to see what areas need improvement. The system provides all of these analytics automatically.

Additionally, team leaders can also use live call monitoring to train and assist new agents on how to appropriately interact with customers, help them secure sales, and more. This allows the whole team to perform better, identify weak elements, and determine how to improve in these areas. 

VoIP offers many features that can benefit and empower your sales team. Contact us to learn more about Simplicity VoIP, our features, and how we can help your business!

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