Simplicity VoIP New Feature Highlight: Text to Speech


Simplicity VoIP is committed to delivering a full Unified Communications (UC) offering to our customers so that they enjoy the maximum range of benefits from their hosted business phone system.

With the v41 software upgrade on September 30, Simplicity has released many new features to increase ease of use and help your organization maximize efficiency. One of the most notable - Text to Speech - is highlighted below.  

Did you know that professional sounding messages establish credibility with callers? Create a positive caller experience and reduce caller abandonment up to 40% with Simplicity’s new Text to Speech feature! Learn more on the New Features Webpage, get some quick glance information with the Text to Speech Flier, or continue reading for some ways Text to Speech can be implemented. 

Text to Speech

With Text to Speech, you can turn any typed text into an audible message for you and your clients to hear. Text to Speech takes the hassle out of self-recording audio messages. No more rehearsing names and greetings or fumbling over words! This new feature is available in the Simplicity portal, and comes with a myriad of benefits, including: 

  • Options for multiple languages and accents
  • New users no longer having to record their names into your service
  • Easily customizable professional greetings, music, and messages
  • Ability for messages to be played to Call Center workers prior to answering a call to remind them to mention promos, etc.
  • All Audio files and messages conveniently stored in your Simplicity Portal

Text to Speech can help your company solve many different problems, from enhancing customer service to sending reminders to agents. Some cases in which to use Text to Speech are detailed here.

Additionally, please watch this short Text to Speech Video for details on using and implementing this new feature. 


The Greeting, or Intro, is the first message a caller will hear when reaching the Auto Attendant. When setting up your greeting, remember that it is simple to set different messages for different time frames or circumstances, such as:

  • Out of Office
  • In a Meeting
  • On a Call

Recorded Name

The Recorded Name list is what callers will hear when they search your company’s directory. Text to Speech allows you to automatically set up your directory by simply typing it out as a part of your voicemail greeting set-up. This will allow callers to easily access the correct office or employee from a clear list of names. 

Music on Hold

Text to Speech is also available to use when creating an introductory greeting message that callers entering the queue will hear. As this message plays before callers are put on hold, it is perfect for making important announcements, like:

  • A Change in Business Hours
  • Notification of Upcoming Events
  • Specifics for New Promotions

Message to Agent

Message to Agent allows you to send messages to agents in a call queue that will be read to the agent as they answer a call from the queue. This is a simple-to-set-up and efficient way to remind agents of specific promos to share with clients as they answer the phone. 

Text to Speech is already included in your Simplicity service for all of your users at no additional cost to you ⎼ no need to hire an outside firm to record your messages. 

Reach out to the Client Services team for more information,  and to start using Text to Speech today!