Next-Gen UCaaS, 5 Must Haves

When researching a next-generation Unified Communications as a Service, (UCaaS) for your business, focusing on specific characteristics will help you find an impactful and efficient solution. Often the focus is on feature comparison only, but by looking at the big picture you can successfully find the best-in-class UCaaS capabilities and strategy for your business.

Here are five important objectives to consider:  

  1. Choose a vendor as a true partner

Partnership is central in ensuring that your UCaaS deployment is successful. An ideal vendor will have a process for a seamless transition from legacy to UCaaS services. They should supply support and service in tasks such as porting phone numbers, managing diverse existing contracts for functions that will be included into the new UCaaS system.

  1. Choose a vendor with control over its own technology stack

By owning the technology stack, versus using third parties, the vendor delivers voice, audio, conferencing, the video stack, screen share and chat as consistently integrated services to deliver an solid user experience. Security is enhanced, reliability improved, and the single stack provides better support for scalability. Also, junctions between different functions won’t act as bottlenecks.

  1. Maximize productivity with a single UCaaS environment

A cohesive environment improves employee engagement, production and efficiency. Why? Easily switching between functions with the same feel and similar usability puts the focus on work rather than wasting time trying to find data or remembering what tool was last used.  Another plus, this infrastructure provides a high-level user experience.

  1. Factor UCaaS into the overall strategy for all information and data

Any UCaaS system that does not have strong support for data and information integration for your whole organization is not a viable option. Cohesion is key. Consider a single-platform solution as it will be a simpler and provide a more accurate data integration.

  1. Consider the long-game

Where will your business be in the future? It could be a hard lesson when you realize you have quickly outgrown your new cloud services. Be sure to consider a UCaaS that has the ability to serve the long-term goals and everchanging demands of your business to ensure all employees can stay connected and remain productive.

To further review your options, and if UC is right for your business, consult with an expert. An agnostic technology agent or consultant can ask the right questions to determine what you need and how UC fits into what you’re trying to accomplish. In addition to assisting you with procurement, they can also handle ongoing care.

For an interactive tool to collect your Unified Communications priorities take our UC Assessment.

UCaaS IQ Assessment

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